Christmas Chapters from Well Loved Books

It was time to begin reading Five Little Peppers and How They Grew to my first grader. But, it’s almost Christmas….so, yesterday, instead of starting at the beginning of Five Little Peppers, I started reading the chapters on Christmas to my six year old. She didn’t get the character development that she would have received from the first chapters, but she had to stretch her imagination to make some pretty big assumptions about the characters. She enjoyed the story, laughed at Phronsie’s antics, and even copied them at bed time, by kissing her stocking goodnight! That got me to thinking….what other well loved books have Christmas chapters? We would never be able to tackle entire tomes by Christmas, but we could definitely read the yuletide chapters! Little Women immediately came to mind, with Beth receiving the piano. Little House in the Big Woods with Laura and Charlotte, her rag doll…The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with the end of the long winter and the return of Father Christmas…James Herriot’s Treasury for Children has “The Christmas Day Kitten”. Now I’m stumped. Your turn! What are some wonderful, too good to be missed, chapters of books that bring on the holiday joy?