Charlotte Mason Book Study 2013-2014


The garden at Ash Lawn, home of James Monroe in Virginia, June 2013

We will be meeting on Thursday, August the 1st, 7:00-9:30 Springdale.  We will be reading and discussing …

CM’s Volume I:

“Home Education”

Introduction, Forward & Prefaces

Part I: I-VII (pp. 1-41)

Part II: I-V (pp. 42-62, red books)

The last four years we have happily traversed through CM’s six-volume series, and it has been a life-changing journey for many of us.  We are excited to begin once again, and we invite you to join us in this “life-giving” way of education!  For the specific location, please post a comment at the bottom. We look forward to seeing you soon.

“The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.”

John Ruskin

For the Children’s Sake & Beyond,

Cindy & Ali


Ourselves: 2012-2013 Reading Schedule

Hi Ladies,

On Thursday, October 4th, we plan to begin reading Volume 4.  If you apply CM’s “short lessons” idea, five short pages/day would complete the readings in a mere ten days!   Each month we will be reading about 47 pages.  Happy Reading!

“Ourselves: Improving Character and Conscience” 
(Volume 4) 
by Charlotte Mason


Contents of Book I:
Introduction: Chps. I-III
(pp. 1-10)
Part I:  The House of Body
Chps. I-V
(pp. 11-32)
Part II:  The House of Mind
Chps. I-II
(pp. 33-44)


PART II:  The House of Mind
(pp. 45-80)
Part III:  The House of Hearts
Lords of the Heart:  I. Love
Chps. I-III
(pp. 81-94)


PART III:  The House of Heart
Lords of the Heart:  I. Love
Chps. IV-XI
Lords of the Heart:  II. Justice
Chp. XII


PART III:  The House of Heart
Lords of the Heart:  II. Justice
(pp. 140-186)


PART III:  The House of Heart
Lords of the Heart:  II. Justice
Chps. XIX-XX
(pp. 187-203)
PART IV:  Vocation
(pp. 204-210)
(pp. 1-4)
PART I:  Conscience
Section I.  Conscience in the House of Body
Chps. I-III
(pp. 5-20)


BOOK II:  Self-Direction
PART I:  Conscience
Section I:  Conscience in the House of Body
(pp. 21-55)
Section II:  Conscience in the House of Mind
Chps. IX-X
(pp. 56-67)


Book II:  Self-Direction
PART I:  Conscience
Section I: Conscience in the House of Body
Chps. XI-XVI
(pp. 68-108)
Section III: The Function of Conscience
chp. XVII
(pp. 109-114)


BOOK II: Self-Direction
PART I:  Conscience
Section III:  The Function of Conscience
(pp. 115-125)
PART II:  The Will
Chps. I-VIII
(pp. 126-159)


BOOK II:  Self-Direction
PART II:  The Will
Chps. IX-XI
(pp. 160-173)
PART III:  The Soul
Chps. I-VII
(pp. 174-202)

(pp. 205-238)  (May be utilized with each chapter if deemed helpful.)

Charlotte Mason in NW Arkansas

In June 2009, Cindy Vasquez, Mary Grace Alexander and Alison Hendricks attended the ChildLight USA conference at Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina. They spent a lot of time visiting with ladies and gentlemen who were dedicated to implementing Charlotte Mason’s philosophies and methods of education in schools and homeschools. From all the wisdom given at the conference, these ladies determined that the best way to stay true to Ms. Mason’s philosophies was to spend time reading her works and holding grand conversations about the readings. In July, they began reading one section per month of CM’s Home Education Volume. They then began holding meetings to discuss the section and having a time of practical application instruction.

That was four years ago! Now we embark on the second reading of Ms. Mason’s essential works! This blog is our attempt to record important events, provide discourse on Mason’s philosophies and how they relate to modern homeschooling, and to give living information on events and venues in the Northwest Arkansas area that lend themselves to this unique style of educating as an atmosphere, discipline and life.